Desi Girls Mujra Dance in Okara


This is a desi girl’s dance at Sher Shah Okara city of Pakistan. In this dance video Desi girls are dancing in Mela on Mara hay ta mara sahi yaar jo hay Punjabi song. These Desi girls are call girls and they are performing in a small theatre. Peoples are enjoying their Desi Dance. In this theatre 15 girls are dancing and collecting money from Desi peoples. Peoples of Okara are giving them money for her sexy dance performance, this money is called VAIL. In this Desi Dance Okara video some Aunties are also doing Dance. These desi Girls and aunties are Gashti Larkian of Okara. Means all girls and aunties are call girls. Okara Peoples are teasing these Gashti Desi Call Girls.

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Ganday Mujray