Gashti Larkian Dancing Video


In this video some Gashti Larkian are dancing and playing mujra. Gashti Larkian is an Urdu and Punjabi language word, its means Call girls. So these girls are call girls so therefore they called Gashti Larkian. In this video Gashti Larkian doing great performance of Punjabi mujra dances. Mujhra or Mugra is a culture of Pakistani dance, but nowadays this is changed in sexy dance. These Gashti Larkian are serving their services in all over the Pakistan. Gashti Larkian performs mujra dances in private weddings, Heera mandi and also prostitutes. Nowadays Gashti Larkian are increasing day by day, what is reason, it have so many reasons. Poorness is a very big reason of these call girls.

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