Kareena and Shahid Scandal


Kareena-and-Shahid-ScandalKareena and Shahid Scandal: Love is made to show but sometime people take the negative advantage from that. In this video you will find two Bollywood stars Kareena kapoor kissing a handsome star shahid kapoor. People say that the life of a celebrity is an open book which is not hidden from the people and this also happened here when the fans got their stars Kareena kapoor and shahid kapoor kissing each other.
People say that they have affair with each other. Some says that they will get married with each other and they will become each others life partners and many more words. It can be right to some limit but I think they are just enjoying their life with every one and just like that here Kareena kapoor got the chance to kiss shahid kapoor but nothing is hidden from the media nowadays and they caught their celebrities kissing each other and make an issue from that.
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