Khusra Information: 3 kinds of people are in this world. 1st is male, 2nd is female and 3rd who are male and female both. They are called Gays in English language. And we say to these people in Urdu, Hindi, or Punjabi Khuwaja Sira, Khusra, or Heejra. From the 2011 Khusra peoples are not include any count in Pakistan. But now on the notice of Supreme Court they can make their identity cards and Pakistani government has leaved a job for them. The job title for Khusra people is Tax collection. Mostly Khusra gays perform dance in the wedding parties. Some Khusra (Heejra) gays do prostitute also.

Khusra Pictures: We are sharing some Pakistani Khusra Pictures and photos here; you can watch and download them from here. Watch these khusra pictures and photos and leave your comments about pictures and photos. We have collected these pictures and photos from the google web search.

Khusra Videos: You have enjoyed the pictures of the beautiful and cute khusra gays. We have shared Khusra videos also below. In these videos you can watch the documentary film on the khusra (Heejra), Heejra Khusra Dance videos, wedding dance videos, and you can get information about them from these videos. All the videos are shared from a biggest video network named Youtube.

Khusra Documentry Video

Hasb e Haal Azizi as Khusra

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