Khusra Dance on Mehndi Night


Khusra-Dance-On-Mehndi-NightKhusra Dance on Mehndi Night: This is become a tradition to dance in weddings and girls are very keen for dancing. If there is any party or wedding they love to dance. But there is a kind of group which is now days two pass forward from girls. Khusra dance group they are not girls but not boys also. They are middle one they are also very keen more than girls. This is a specially program in mehndi night in most of the village in Khyber pakhtoon khaw. Khusra people make this art a business. People carry Khusra for parties and wedding nights and take money. Especially pakhtoon nation is the keen of watching this kind of dancing and this is the part of every wedding night. Khusra make a special place for dancing the khusra group dances and the other people of the village or the guests they are invited by the owner they are watching. This site is about this kind of khusra group dancing in mehndi night. If you want to watch these video so keep visiting this site you will need what you what.

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