Lahori Girls dance in wedding at home


Lahori-Girls-dance-in-wedding-at-homeLahori Girls dance in wedding at home: Everyone knows that dance is the very week point of girls. You can stop a girl from any work but if you can not stop her in only one case and that is dancing. They are dying for dancing. They are very keen for dancing. Especially in case of wedding parties they are the most beautiful creation of Allah. If there is a weeding party and someone invites so she prepares her self from head to feet like queen. It’s also become a tradition in lahori society. If there is a weeding party so they will must make a place for the dancing of ladies and other male and female they are watching like cinema hall. There is no necessary to go to cinema hall for watching. Now day in Lahore every weeding party is cinema even they are capturing their dancing. This site is especially about this kind of home made dancing in wedding. If you want to go to cinema hall for watching this kind of videos so do not go any where just visit to this site and you will find what you need about the weeding dancing.

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