Load Shedding Studio on Express News


In real coke studio word is correct but now a days A very funny song is running on the express news TV channel Load-Shedding-Studio-on-Express-Newsthat’s name is load shedding studio, its copy of Arif Lohar’s song Jugni Jee. In this funny song the singer is describing position of electricity in his country (Pakistan). This is a very hit and reality song. Its all word and sentences are based on true. load shedding studio on express news is most famous funny song. Now watch the load shedding studio on express news song and its lyrics are also given below.

Hay Ve Mere Mulk de Bijli jee
Hay We Aithay Nai Aandi Bijli Jee
Ups Lawa Lo Loko
Aye Dairh Ghanta Te Guzarda
Hay Ve Hamain Chaihay Bijli Jee J

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