Pakistani Dance Party


Pakistani-Dance-PartyPakistani Dance Party: ”Dancing in parties or weddings” this is the tradition of Pakistani culture. Out of Pakistan they have also parties and weeding but some of the countries they have dancing parties like Pakistan. But most of the countries they have dancing clubs. The girls are dancing their and the civilian goes for watching. But the tradition of Pakistan is totally different about Pakistani Dance Party from others countries. There is party or weeding in both cases. They have dancing function and the dancers are not from out side or by rent. The family girls are dancing also the friends and relatives and the other people were watching. This is the culture of specially pashtoon tribes and other tribes or villages are also like this culture. In pashtoon tribes there is one more culture that is the dancing of khusra group. Most of the tribe’s people they carry this khusra group by rent and for whole night this group people are dancing and the tribe’s people are watching. This site is about the same Pakistani dancing parties of girls and khusra people. If you want to watch this kind of locale videos so keep visiting this site. You will find what ever you want about this topic. “Pakistani Dance Party”

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