Sada Chirian Da Chamba


sada-chirian-da-chambaSada Chirian Da Chamba Ve Song: Sada Chirian Da Chamba Ve is a very beautiful old song by Reshman, Reshman is a very great singer artist of Pakistan. So many peoples love to Reshamn’s voice and her singing qualities. Sada Chirian Da Chamba is a great recoding by her. Sada Chirian Da Chamba is sad and famous song, its lyrics are so much beautiful. In this post Sada Chirian Da Chamba Ve video Song by you tube and its lyrics are given below. This song is times to cry to peoples those have daughter. In Pakistan and India when rkhsati ceremony is going on then this is played. So many Pakistani and Indian singers sing and remix this song.

Sada Chirian Da Chamba Lyrics

Sada Chirian Da Chamba Ve
Babul Asan Udd Jana
SaadiLambi Udaari ve
Asaan murr nahi Aana

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